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4 Common Cloud Problems

4 Common Cloud Problems

ICT Project Management are ideally positioned to help our customers and partners with cloud services, including cloud-based file sharing decisions, configuration and management. Here are four ways we are helping our customers and partners with their cloud efforts.

1. It’s not as straightforward as it looks.

Misunderstanding licensing agreements often leads to administration problems. And administration problems often lead to frustrated providers, employers, and employees, resulting in an inefficient working environment.
Experienced MSPs such as ICT Project Management read the small print for customers and ensure everyone has the right expectations and a solid understanding of how to scale, migrate, and mitigate the cloud into your work environment. We help customers get it right the first time saving customers a lot of money and effort in the long run.

2. Proprietary systems versus open systems?

Deciding between a proprietary cloud system compared to an open one is usually a struggle for corporate decision makers. Our clients want to save money using an open system, but they occasionally cause unexpected budget expenditures. Open platforms usually require a lot of development efforts and security decisions.
We help ensure that customers chose the infrastructure that best fits its needs.

3. Orchestration

As Turner at Okta says, the cloud often “lacks the liquidity to give you a perfect internal market for your computing resources.”
In other words, there is not always a seamless transition (in terms of capacity, memory, storage and networking) from in-house applications to the cloud. Typically, clouds are structured around scale and elasticity but use cheaper commodity components.
ICT Project Management work around compatibility issues to keep cloud applications up and running, whether it means a complete restructuring of your applications to make them cloud ready or just a bit of rewriting.

4. Migration

There are many questions when it comes to configuring data to the cloud:
How might our customers integrate a hybrid cloud structure into current environments? How might one cloud provider communicate with another? Is it better to start from scratch or reengineer a service all together?

Predicting possible roadblocks, questions, and outcomes when adopting the cloud into your company environment is important for deploying and getting the most out of your cloud service. At ICT Project Management we can help you with all of that while reducing risk of failure, cost, and time.

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