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Cloud Security for Business WiFi Networks

Cloud Security for Business WiFi Networks

We are delighted to announce our partnership with OpenDNS to provide their Umbrella DNS service for our Business WiFi Customers.

Like large enterprises, SMBs need a powerful, scalable solution that protects their workers, their devices and their networks from Internet-borne threats. Tens of thousands of SMBs rely on Umbrella today to do just that. Umbrella is unlike anything else because we use OpenDNS’s unique position running the world’s largest Internet security network to provide SMBs an Internet-wide layer of security that prevents malware infections and contains infected, botnet-controlled devices from phoning home. And because it’s delivered through the cloud, that protection is applied to all networks and locations.


Umbrella provides its service through the cloud, which means there’s no hardware to purchase, install or maintain. All service updates are made in the cloud, eliminating the need to update software on end users’ devices or appliances. Umbrella’s ease-of-deployment and simplicity of management provides SMBs more time to focus on their core business rather than spending time on their Web filtering and security IT services.


Fast Deployment and Management without Sizing or Install Guides Required

SMBs don’t have extensive IT resources to manage complex software or appliance-based security solutions. A cloud-delivered service that can be deployed in less than 30 minutes without any network environment changes,  Umbrella is designed to be as easy as possible to set up and manage. Just forward your external DNS to our Anycast IP addresses.

Umbrella delivers a powerful set of Web filtering features at a fraction of the complexity and costs of traditional on-premises solutions.  Ensure a productive work environment and easily enforce your organization’s acceptable use or compliance policy by selectively blocking access to undesirable domains. And because it’s Umbrella, the service will actually make your network faster, instead of clogging and slowing it down like appliance- or pure proxy-based solutions.

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